Dress Code For Casino

When you enter a casino, it’s important that you dress a certain way. The casino is, after all, an established business with a reputation to maintain plus it would more than likely want to project a certain ambiance among its guests.

Therefore, it’s important to research the dress code for any casino that you wish to visit. Every casino has a slightly different dress code but there are some general rules that are universal for the most part.

Casino Dress Code Attires

As we mentioned, depending on the casino in question, they may have a specific attire in mind before they allow you to step through their doors. Sounds old-fashioned but you wouldn’t walk into a nightclub in shabby work clothes now, would you?

Here’s a general list of attires you can be expected to don, going from most formal to least formal:

  • White Tie: Probably the most formal category of clothing in Western fashion, White Tie is also called Full Evening Dress. It is everything you expect it to be. Imagine going to the Oscars and you’ve got the general idea – wing collars, stiff fronts, lace ballgowns, all the fanciest garments you could possibly imagine.
  • Black Tie: Another formal dress code, Black Tie has been popularised all over the Western world through tradition, however it is still a rung below White Tie and is more easily accessible to wear. Bow ties, white dress shirts, evening waistcoats are all required of the men while women have far more relaxed guidelines. The only thing required of them is to wear evening shoes.
  • Black Tie Optional: Far more common is Black Tie Optional and is generally the norm at weddings and other special occasions. Basically, wear a tuxedo if you want to but if you don’t want to or don’t have one then dress as formally as you can.
  • Semi-formal: This sort of dress code is for the morning, where naturally people are less likely to dress in a formal style. It’s the crossroads between formal and informal. Comprising of a rather conservative style and colour scheme, expect to wear a suit, a waistcoat and a nice pair of shoes if you’re a man. For women, it’s expected for you to wear a short afternoon or cocktail dress or something similar. You’re more likely to see this as just “formal” at any given casino but this is mostly what they mean.
  • Business Formal: This is exactly what you would expect it to be. The best way to describe business formal is “work clothes”, i.e.: smart office wear. Imagine going to a business presentation. It’s expected for you to look as presentable as you can.
  • Business Casual: A more relaxed form of office wear, you can expect something close to smart casual with loafers, dress shirts and optional ties for men, while women can wear a shirt, skirt and khakis if they wish. Dresses are also an option as long as it’s covered up by a dress.
  • Smart Casual: Smart casual is what you tend to see in fashion catalogues. Something smart but something you could also wear every day. Smart jeans, smart shirts, blouses, etc. Pretty relaxed but in a very fashionable kind of way.
  • Casual: The bottom rung of attires, this is your everyday wear. This can be so broad that it’s better to define by what it isn’t. For casual, you don’t wear smart military wear or formal tie garments or semiformal business attire. It can be anything from a long dress to a casual, button down shirt. However, it is expected that you at least wear this in a clean and presentable fashion. No soiled or dirty clothes, no offensive slogans, and no hats or sunglasses (unless you’re playing poker).

5 Must-Pack Casino Items

The most likely dress code you are going to come across in the gambling world is casual. Based on the real-world expectations of most casinos, here’s a short list for both male and female gamblers on what they should pack in case they ever find themselves at a casino with a dress code:

For Men

  1. A Nice Pair of Khaki Trousers: Anything that isn’t artfully ripped or torn is acceptable here. And sometimes, jeans don’t always go with everything! This should definitely be your bottom-half go-to.
  2. A Decent Pair of Blue Jeans: A nice pair of jeans with no holes in them is accepted at most modern casinos, the darker the better too.
  3. Loafers/ Leather Shoes: Trainers are generally seen as too casual by some so it’s better to have a pair of shoes that a bit smarter than that.
  4. Button-down Shirt: Button down shirts are a nice, relaxed piece of clothing that aren’t too formal and are not too casual. A nice go-to four your top-half.
  5. A Good Pair of Socks: Sounds obvious but a nice pair of white athletic socks are generally advised. Again, goes with anything as long as it isn’t a suit.

For Women

  1. A Cocktail Dress: Nothing too revealing but that doesn’t mean you have to dress like a Victorian. Just nothing too short. Imagine that you’re going to a friend’s wedding.
  2. A Jumper, Wrap or Pullover: To make your cocktail outfit more complete, perhaps a jumper, wrap or pullover might be something to go over the top. Just to give the look a bit of pizzazz as well as ensure you’re not too revealing.
  3. Flat Shoes: Forget heels! Most modern casinos don’t expect it of you. Trainers, however, aren’t really accepted so if you have any other kind of flat shoes that would be a great alternative.
  4. A Nice Pair of Blue Jeans: Again, a good go-to and can be used with many outfits. Not too smart but also not too casual.
  5. A Decent Blouse: A nice plain blouse can also be a great go-to and make an excellent outfit to go with your jeans.

We selected items which might work basically for all casual wear but also stuff that crosses into more formal attire. It is best, however, you do your own research and look up what the casino’s dress code is online first before you try and get through their doors.