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Here you are, ready for the big night out and hitting the casino, wherever it may be. And then you’re taken aback – what on earth should you wear? Casinos are a special type of venue, some fancy and some not, some VIP and others quite casual and down-to-earth. Little wonder that so many people are turning to the Internet to figure out what casino dress codes there are and what they should wear on their special night out.

From all the time-tested classic casinos in the UK, such as London’s Hippodrome, to the highly popular international casinos scattered all over the world, we have the low-down on casino dress codes. You sure wouldn’t want to look silly showing up in casual wear to a place where the roulette tables are populated by ladies in gowns and men in black tie formal wear.

Plus, we will give you advice as to what you should most certainly not wear if you want to get past the bouncers. You can rest assured that wife beaters are basically never a good idea, and neither is soiled or untidy clothing. Start getting ready to avoid disappointment at the venue itself; we will help you along the way to figure out all there is to know about casino dress codes!